Thursday, July 3, 2014

Slip #104 DNS lookup timed out.

Paramount NOTE: If you have accepted this mistake, you are not utilizing the most recent Realplayer. Realplayer 8 Basic is a FREE, prescribed upgrade accessible for Windows 95/98/NT and late Macintosh frameworks.

In the event that your framework meets the base framework necessities, we propose that you redesign your player now by clicking here and after the download and establishment directions.

Blunder #104 DNS lookup timed out.

The endeavor to determination the location from the asset name, by turning it toward the Domain Name Server, fizzled because of a timeout.

A Domain Name Server, DNS, determines a space name, for example,, to a numeric IP location, for example, The doubtlessly explanation behind a DNS server to time-out is system clogging.

You can attempt again when the system burden is lower, or you can build the Network timeout values under the Connection tab in the Realplayer Preferences.

Issues can likewise be brought on when a primary Domain Name Server has issues. A late occurrence including the Domain Name Servers at Internic(july 17, 1997) which kept ticking for give or take 4 hours, however made an expansive influence that created issues for Internet Users for a few days.

An alternate conceivable reason is that the Domain Name Server utilized by your ISP may need to be upgraded. Regardless, this blunder is not brought on by the Player or the framework on which the Player is introduced.

It would be ideal if you attempt the site once more. In the event that it falls flat, contact the Website chairman. In the event that you accept this message from all locales, please contact your ISP to check that they have upgraded their Domain Name Server as of late.